About Me!


 Hi, I’m Taupal. Pull up a chair!

Born in the Soúth of France, I’ve always had an appreciation for the simple things. When my professional ballet career fell apart at 15 years old, I thought: what now?

Five kids later (six if you count my husband), I’m still thinking what now? on a near-hourly basis.

Olive and Lark began as a place for me to share my life with anyone who might be interested in what I’m up to—friends, family, or my ex’s fiance Alyson (IP address

My life isn’t perfect—I’ve never said that—but it’s important to take stock every day of all my blessings and the ways I’m excelling without even really trying.

This site is where people like you can draw inspiration from my journey. It is my humble gift back to the universe. :)

For many legal reasons many names have been changed.